2020 Annual General Meeting 

Recruiting for Board members

The following positions are opening up for your Board of Directors in 2020:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Director at large (3)

These positions are for a 2-year term. If you are interested in playing an active role in your community as a Board member, or if you have any questions about the roles, please send an email to lhpca.info@gmail.com with your name and the position of interest.

The Board elections will take place at our upcoming Annual General Meeting scheduled for October 24, 2020.

Contact the Board

You can contact us by email at: lhpca.info@gmail.com.

Board members

These are the officers of the Lincoln Heights-Parkway Community Association as confirmed at the October 2020 annual general meeting:

  • JR Fortin: President
  • (vacant): Vice President
  • (vacant): Secretary
  • Pierre Chevrier: Treasurer
  • Vesna Lukic : Membership Coordinator
  • Maria Rogers: Director
  • Jane Kielly: Director
  • Sarah Nikkel: Director

Appointed positions

The following appointed positions may also be created. Please contact lhpca.info@gmail.com if you are interested in taking on one of these:

  • Social Chair
  • Outreach Chair
  • Communications Lead

LHPCA Constitution