The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment application to permit a 6 storey residential building above a reconstructed Parkway House and residential towers containing 19 and 25 storeys. A total of 510 residential units are proposed with 261 parking spaces.

This proposal would mean intense construction activity for the next several years, as well as a lasting impact on the quality of life for our community, and in particular for our neighbours on Regina Street and Lincoln Heights Road East. 

The land is currently owned by Parkway House, and is zoned as parkland. Facing a significant financial crisis, the non-profit Parkway House is looking to sell its land in order to remain financially viable. This is the assisted living facility’s second attempt to sell the land to Windmill Developments. In 2010, a smaller-scaled proposal was rescinded due to unfavourable market conditions and community opposition. 

Today, the context has greatly changed, and Windmill is proposing a new and larger development, which would include facilities for Parkway House residents as well as towers. 

The LHPCA has developed a detailed submission outlining its concerns and recommendations regarding this application to the councillor and City planning staff.

In summary, the LHPCA recommends that the rezoning application as submitted in June 2022 be rejected. If the applicant were to prepare and present a development application that contains substantial modifications, which address the concerns raised in the responses prepared by the LHPCA and other stakeholders, then the LHPCA may change its recommendation regarding the rezoning application. 

The next step in this process will be the presentation to council. This stage will allow anyone to sign up to speak to council for five minutes in order to express their opinions on the rezoning application. It is our understanding that the presentation stage is unlikely to be scheduled until after the new year.

You can continue to share your thoughts and comments with using the reference D02-02-22-0053. You can also make the Bay Ward Councillor aware of your concerns as they will be voting on this rezoning application at Council. 

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